Welcome to Happy Softies, a studio of soft toy designers and soft toy makers who specialise in producing custom hand made soft toys. At Happy Softies, we can help to bring your own or children’s artwork, sketch, drawing or cartoon to life by making it into a real soft toy. All of our soft toys are hand made and are unique and individual to the designer, which is you. We do not have any minimum order requirements and we can have your soft toy completed and delivered to you in four weeks.

Bring to life your favorite sports car, resurrect a creature or wreck havoc with a monster. This is a unique gift idea. The choice is entirely up to you and only limited by your imagination!

Happy Softies also has a wealth of experience in producing quality custom soft toys for promotional, trade show, corporate and sporting mascot needs. From small to large to bulk quantities, Happy Softies can help you!

Check out our gallery now for completed examples of our soft toys and plush toys.

Our Blog
Follow our blog to read more about the stories behind all of the soft toys that we make. And to keep up to date with all of our newest creations.
Happy Softies – Custom Made Plush Toys, Creation Into A Soft Toys, Kids Gift Ideas In Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne in Australia
How to Order
Follow these easy steps to order a custom soft toy from us based upon your artwork, drawing, sketch, cartoon or photograph!
Happy Softies – Custom Made Plush Toys, Creation Into A Soft Toys, Kids Gift Ideas In Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne in Australia
Promotional Gifts
Looking for a unique corporate or promotional gift? Happy Softies can help to design and bring your character to life by transforming it into a real soft toy!
Happy Softies – Custom Made Plush Toys, Creation Into A Soft Toys, Kids Gift Ideas In Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne in Australia

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Hey there Darren,
Cheech looks great..!!
Good job mate.
Jason from Victoria
Hi Darren,
Would like to let you know that I've received the item already.
Thank you very much to you and your team in making this plushie for me. :)
Adelia from Singapore
My name is India and I have ordered from Happy Softies before. I was very impressed with the final product, and loved it so much that I would like to place another order.
India from USA
Dear Darren,
I just received the plushie and it looks perfect.. Thanks a lot :)
Archit from India
That looks fantastic!

Jess from Queensland
They are looking great, very pleased.
Very much looking forward to their arrival.
Alex from UK
Thanks a lot for all of the wonderful support you providing me on emails and your response is Super in Customer satisfaction. Thanks a ton for making my wife's dream character true. There are lots n lots of emotions attached to this.

All the best for your business!!!
Sachin from India
Hi, this is brilliant you can send it whenever you're ready.

Thanks alot!
Scott from UK
Hello Happy Softies, I will all first of all say thank you so very much
for all the work you have done with and create they two soft toy cats. I'm incredibly proud of you and your Happy Softies team. You have done a perfect job all together in Happy Softies, I'm really proud of you.
Isabel from Norway
Hi Darren,

Thank you for the picture!
It looks amazing, I'm very pleased.
Ekta from UK
Darren, I just thought I'd let you know that the cuddly toy has arrived fortuitously on a day that my 8 yr old daughter is at home as she is sick. She LOVES her toy. She loved comparing him to the original and will take him to school tomorrow together with the writing and picture that inspired him.The teacher will be well impressed!
Clare from Sydney
Hi again Darren,

I just received the toy and I am very pleased of it. Thank you for your hard work!
Narmin from Azerbaijan
Hi Darren,

Thanks so much. Super Fat Guy looks great!
I will be sharing your Facebook page when you post.
Melanie from Sydney
Hi Darren,

Got them and thank you! They look awesome.
Bob from Sydney
Hey Darren,

It looks wonderful.
Can't wait to get it!
Ramesh from Sydney
Wow looks great. Very happy with it will be a wonderful gift.

Thanks looking forward to it.
Dean from Sydney
Wow, this is what I pictured it to be in my mind, well done!
Jonathan from Singapore
Thank you very, very much for all your hard work on this. It looks fantastic and I know that our Deputy Director will really enjoy seeing it.
Yan from Queensland Art Gallery
Hi Darren, very happy with these :) Thank you so much!!
Lisa from Western Australia
Thanks Darren, Excellent, that's great! It looks heaps good thank you.
Owen from South Australia
Thank you! Daniel really loves his elephant. He was so thrilled to see his colourful drawing come to life! It was really a special moment when we gave Daniel his present, and we're sure he will remember them for a long time.
Daniel from USA