Corporate and Promotional

Can we at Happy Softies make more than one custom soft toy or plush toy in bulk quantities? Yes we can!

For bulk orders, from a minimum order of 300 custom plush toys, we can help to bring your character, mascot or design to life in plush form.

If you are after a unique corporate, trade show or promotional gift, Happy Softies can help by transforming artwork, drawings, sketches or cartoons into a real 3D soft toy or plush toy. We can make your soft toy or plush toy 20cm, 30cm, 40cm or any other length/height that you require.

At our manufacturing headquarters, our team of specialised soft toy designers and soft toy makers can help to transform your company or corporate mascot, character or creation into a real soft toy. Or are you a sporting or community club who would like to bring their mascot to life? We can work with you to determine your exact needs and we do not have any minimum order requirements.

Total lead time from design, manufacture to delivery of your custom soft toy or plush toy is generally 4 to 7 business weeks. Substantial discounted rates apply for bulk orders, and we can prepare a quote based upon your order requirements. We have detailed quality assurance checks in place to make sure that your custom soft toy is properly made.

We ship worldwide to any country, and will endeavor to offer multiple shipping options (air freight and sea freight) depending on location, size of package and availability.

For larger and bulk quantities, we are able to provide 3D artwork bringing your concept to life graphically, and a comprehensive sampling process. All of our soft toys and plush toys comply with all relevant safety standards. As part of the production process, Happy Softies is happy to help employ accredited independent third party testing laboratories to guarantee all soft toy products meets applicable safety standards, and obtain appropriate certification. We have listed a few applicable safety standards below:

– ASTM F963 (Physical & Mechanical) (U.S.A.)
– EN71 (Europe)
AS/NZS ISO8124 (Australia/New Zealand)

Each custom soft toy product is affixed with safety labeling during production. We can also affix custom labeling which is relevant to your organisation, company or sporting club to assist with individual branding if required.

Just follow the steps below to setup a order with us or if you had any questions please get in contact with us via any of the channels below:


How to Order:

Follow these easy steps to turn your corporate character or sporting mascot into a real 3D soft toy or plush toy:

  1. Email us through your artwork, drawing, sketch or cartoon for us to review ( We do not have any specific format required for images (e.g. JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EPS, PSD, PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPTX, PPT).
  2. Together with our experienced design team, we will review and discuss your artwork, drawing, sketch or cartoon and determine how closely we can transform it into a real soft toy or plush toy.
  3. We will prepare a quote for you based upon the quantity that you want and the complexity needed to create your soft toy or plush toy. We will then send you through a invoice for payment. Once payment has been confirmed, we will begin work on your soft toy immediately.
  4. We will source all of the fabric and materials required to match the colour and design of your artwork, drawing, sketch or cartoon for your soft toy. For larger and bulk orders, we can prepare 3D artwork of your soft toy, as well as an initial pre-production sample for you to approve. After this, your soft toy will be made by us (lead time to completion is 4 to 7 weeks).
  5. Once your soft toy or plush toy has been completed, we will send you through a photograph of the completed production product for your approval before organising shipment of your order.
  6. Upon your final approval, we will finalise freight options and ship your order to you!

Please see below for some examples that we have done for our corporate clients:






Virgin softiesWoofy in the wildWoofy softie - backaHarvey_Whale_Softie_Final_1Harvey_Whale_Softie_Final_2Front Snail c ShadowSide Snail c ShadowSnail softiesStingray characterStingray softiePurple cat designmenu_animal_cat3Purple_Cat_Softie_FrontPurple_Cat_Softie_SidePurple_Cat_Softie_Backstory_dog Resizedmenu_animal_dog3Dog_Softie_FrontDog_Softie_SideDog_Softie_BackCaptain Explorer characterCaptain Explorer SoftieCaptain Explorer softie - frontCaptain Explorer softie - backCaptain Explorer softie - sideWalrus & CarpenterWalrus softie - frontWalrus softie - backCarpenter softie - frontCarpenter softie - sideFreddy the fax machineFreddy the fax machine softie - beigeFreddy the fax machine - dark brownstripeyNmimostripey_mimo_softiesDoll_Softie1 Doll_Softie1_SideDoll_Softie1_Reverse Doll_Softie3 Doll_Softie2plush_cube1 plush_cube4 plush_cube3 plush_cube2plush_cube5smiley_dog_1smiley_dog_2    LORA_Plush1LORA_Plush2LORA_Plush3