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Hello and welcome to our Happy Softies blog page. We add new posts every couple of days with stories behind our newest creations, so please check back regularly!

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Softies for Sean

Sean from USA:Just got my dolls and you all are the best. They are amazing. Thank you so much.

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Softies for The Lolo & Galago Team

Hi guys, yes we received it yesterday evening – they look fantastic, thank you so much!  

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Softies for Jared

Jared from Singapore .His girlfriend had a soft toy cat for many years. Recently, she’s wanted to unite that cat with his girlfriend! We replicated the toy and here is our finished result .

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Softies for Jerry

I just received my plush toy, you guys did a great job on it ,I love it.

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Softies for Ramesh

Ramesh from Sydney asked us to help bring his dinosaur artwork to life!

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Softies for Lachlan

Melanie from Queensland asked us to help make a softie based upon her son, Lachlan’s cartoon character, Super Fat Guy. Lachlan turns 10 in November, and Melanie wanted his ‘Super Fat Guy’ to become a little more 3D to celebrate. We hope Lachlan loves his birthday present!  

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Softies for Narmin

Narmin from Azerbaijan emailed us to help make a softie based upon her smiley face character. Here is our finished result:

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Softies for Bob

Bob from Sydney asked us to assist him in making a few custom soft toys based upon their character for their upcoming workshops. He also asked us to add a pocket at the back that could fit some business cards. Here is our finished softie for Bob!

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Softies for Yvonne

Yvonne from Singapore asked us to help make a custom plushie based upon their cartoon character, Shakebum. Here is our finished plushie!

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